Press, analysts and influencers are some of the most important, if not the most important, audiences that matter to your company. A Totem press page, simply put, is the best way to help them and show them that you care. If done right, a Totem press page can be a one-stop, full-service shop for anyone interested in reporting on your company.  

Press pages are ultimately another form of marketing, but instead of targeting consumers, the target audience consists of journalists, writers, reporters, and other members of the press. Press have a completely different set of needs and preferences than consumers when vetting a company. Press Pages make sure their needs are met. 

A resume is an appropriate comparison. Resumes use concise, straightforward language to convey a complicated message and intrigue an employer. In a similar fashion, press pages should supply a comprehensive overview of your company in a concise, easy-to-use package.

A press page is one of the first places reporters and journalists will look when doing their homework on your company.   Give them a resource to learn about your company that is easy to navigate and not full of marketing jargon. It can be extremely difficult to get press to cover your company. The last thing you want is for them to have an unpleasant experience learning about you. A great Totem press page let's you provide influencers with a more effective and helpful experience.

This is invaluable.


Why Should I use Totem to Build my press Page?

Totem saves time, money and frustration. And it's is built by experts who actually asked the press what they really care about.  If you want a beautiful, comprehensive press page that is easily updated, then you should use Totem.

Most company press pages are pretty bad, if they exist at all. They’re either a hideous list of coverage and press releases, or a minefield of out-of-date information. They don’t help any of us do our jobs better.

We spoke with over 100 reporters to learn what frustrated them about press pages and what types of information they needed most often for their stories. We also asked them what the ideal press page looked like.

With that real-world feedback in-hand, we built Totem.

Our users are typically businesses that are creating a press page for the first time, or replacing their first effort. The great thing about Totem is that anyone can build a beautiful, functional press page in minutes. You no longer have to go through designers and developers to manage a press page. 

In the near future, we'll be rolling out enterprise-grade features to supercharge your press page. We'll be sure to keep you updated as we continue to improve Totem.