Totem users are constantly uploading articles, blog posts, or press releases to their Totem press pages. Each one of these pieces of coverage is published by an associated publication.

Whenever a new publication is introduced to our database, we must identify and verify the source.  If you're the first person to add an article from a particular publication, the logo should be added to the system by our team as soon as we have a chance to verify it and upload a quality image.

We closely monitor publications in our database and verify on a daily basis. If you do not see a logo displayed under your press coverage, it is most likely a publication not yet introduced to our database. We will verify this and upload a logo within 24 hours. 

Feel free to flag any missing publication logos to us at anytime. Please allow us 24 hours to add logo requests to the system, as we update our publications database on a daily basis.

If your press coverage is missing a publication logo and this will somehow damage your company if it's not resolved immediately, please contact