As the original creator of a press page, you are designated the Owner by default. Owners can then assign other Totem users as Collaborators on the owned press page. There are two species of users: Owners and Collaborators. Each has different priviledges, detailed below. 

Collaborators can:

  • Modify company information: all copy, Social Media links, contact information
  • Upload, remove, or edit Team members
  • Upload or remove Logos, Screenshots, Headshots, Screencasts, or other resources
  • Upload, remove, or edit press coverage: articles, press releases, and blog posts
  • Modify press page color customization and custom domain

Owners can:

  • Access all Collaborator priviledges mentioned above
  • Purchase PRO upgrades to enable color customization and custom domain  --  $99 one-time fee per press page
  • Delete their press pages