In order to create your first press page, you'll need to establish your personal User account on Totem. Under your account, you can create as many press pages as you wish. A press page can be for a company, product, person, etc.

We've streamlined the process for creating your user account and first press page. On our homepage, simply click "Sign-Up" and follow the steps to begin populating your press page. 

Once your user account is established, you can log-in to create additional press pages or edit/update existing ones. The original creator of each press page will be designated the OWNER of that press page. Owners can assign other Totem users as collaborators. See next section for more info on Collaborators.

  • As stated in our Terms & Condiditons, users are prohibited from creating press pages for complies that you are not officially affiliated with or that do not currently exist. If we suspect abuse of this policy, we will investigate and reserve the right to delete Totem press pages that violate the Terms & Conditions.