Widgets are small applications that can be installed and embedded within a web page by whomever manages your website.

Totem currently offers 3 widgets:

  1. Recent Articles Widget
  2. Press Release and Blog Post Widget
  3. "As Featured In" Widget
  4. Press Page Widget

Here's an overview of each of Totem's awesome widgets:


Recent Articles Widget

The Recent Articles widget is a scrolling list of articles uploaded to the linked press page. The widget simply looks at the list of Recent Articles the press page's Press Coverage and push the top ten articles to the widget for display.

Press Release & Blog Posts Widget

The Press Release & Blog Post widget is almost identical to the Recent Articles Widget. The only three differences:

  1. Only Press Releases and Blog posts are displayed. 
  2. Press Releases and Blog posts are distinguished by two individual tabs. 
  3. Only 5 pieces of coverage are displayed per tab.

"As Featured In" Widget

This widget is much different from the previous two widgets. This widget displays the publication logos of the top 10 pieces of Press Coverage. These logos automatically scroll horizontally, as shown below.