NOTE: Custom domains are only available on Upgraded press pages. To upgrade, click the green "UPGRADE" button in the top left corner of any press page when logged into your Totem account. Click here to learn more about all Upgraded features.
In order to enable your custom domain on your Totem press page, you'll need to modify a few domain settings. These  "settings" are actually called records, Zone Records to be exact. To access the Zone Records of your domain you'll need to access the DNS  Provider where your domain is hosted. Be sure not to confuse your domain's hosting provider with the domain's registrar.  Zone Records can only be accessed where the domain is hosted. 
Let's get crackin'.
You'll first need to log-in to your hosting provider account and locate the page where Zone Records are managed. Zone Records are sometimes referred to as simply "Records" or "Zone Files". We will need to add new records.
There are two types of records that can be added to enable your custom domain. The appearance of the custom domain you choose for your press page determines which type of record we add:

CNAME — Set-up a custom sub-domain
  1. Add a single new CNAME record using the following two pieces of information.
  2. HOST:  Enter your preferred sub-domain.(i.e. press)
  3. POINTS TO:  Enter “
  4. In the example above, “yoursubdomain” would be the subdomain. We strongly recommend using “press” as your sub-domain. 

(A) HOST — Set-up a custom URL
  1. Log-into your DNS registrar and find the Zone Records of the domain you wish to use.. You’ll need to add two(2) separate (A)Host records using the following pieces of information.
  2. HOST:          For both records, enter “@”
  3. POINTS TO:   Pick any two IP addresses from the list below and enter one address in per record.


To Set-up a primary domain, you will also have to add a CNAME record to supplement the (A)Host record. See CNAME instructions above. For a primary domain set-up, use the following "HOST" and "POINTS TO" values:


LASTLY — Update your settings

If you are a user of the new Totem 2.0 app, please email our Concierge team to update your custom URL settings, at

If you are a user on the legacy Totem 1.0 app, the last step you need to take after creating your approproate zone record is entering the "Custom Domain" you wish to use for your press page within your press apge settings. To do this:

  1. Within your Totem dashboard, click the "Customize" tab for the given press page you wish to edit. (NOTE: your press page must be upgraded to PRO to see the "Customization" tab)
  2. In the "Accessing your Page" section of the "Customization" tab, find the "Custom Domain" field. 
  3. Enter the customer Sub-domain or Full URL you wish to use for your press page. 
  4. Click "Save" to save your changes.
FOR EXAMPLE:  If you set-up and CNAME zone record for, enter a sub-domain, such as....


Once you have added the appropriate Zone Records and Custome Settings for your domain, make sure you save your changes. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for these changes to apply to your domain.