Totem offers three widgets to help you embed and share your press coverage on other pages of your site. Widgets are interactive elements that can be embedded into any website using an iframe code. To learn more about each of the Totem widgets read this article.

To install any of the three Totem widgets on a page on your site: 

  1. Log-in to your Totem user account
  2. Click the press page you want to get a widget from
  3. Click on the "Goodies" tab at the top-center of the page
  4. On the Goodies page, you will see 4 sections:
    1. Bookmarklet
    2. Recent Articles
    3. Press Releases and Blog Posts
    4. As Featured In 
  5. Locate the Widget that you want to install on your site
  6. Copy the corresponding "Install" code from that section 
  7. Paste the "Install" code into the HTML file of your website. 
NOTE: If you are not familiar with coding and/or website development, assign this task to your website developer and/or manager.