Change/edit/remove the press contact via the following steps: 

  1. Sign-in to your Totem user account, and click on the desired press page to edit. 
  2. In the editing dashboard for the desired press page, click on the "Team" tab 
  3. To add a new team member to be designated as the press contact, click "Add a Team Member". If the press contact already exist as a team member, click "Edit" next to the existing team member you would like to designate as the press contact. 
  4. On the editing page for the given team member, edit/revise the team member's information as desired. 
  5. At the bottom of the team member editing page, you will see two checkboxes above the "Save" button(see attached screenshot). 
    1. To enable the given team member as the press contact, make sure the box is checked next to: "Should this team member be added as a press contact?" 
    2. If you wish for the press contact not be included as a company Team Member under the "Team" tab on your live press page, please de-select the second checkbox. 

You are able to create up to five(5) press contacts. Each designated press contact will be displayed under the "Press Contact" section of the press page.